Friday, October 17, 2008

fundraising with an eternal purpose?

...or just another way to make a buck. Or in this case, a lot of bucks.

I try not to make fun of the companies who solicit our offices on a regular basis. They're trying to make a living. But one that caught my attention recently, deserves a word or two. His e-mails tell me:

1. I can sell his product to my church family for TWICE what he makes me pay for it, so it's a money maker.
2. He confesses to selling it to the public for SIX TIMES the amount he wants me to pay for it, so even the church is getting "a great deal".
3. That I should be excited, because so far over 1,000 have "received Christ (or recommitted) as a DIRECT result of his product.

As grateful as I am that he allows me to dupe the church family I love, and that he confesses to duping the general public, all under the disguise of wanting customers to "receive Christ"....well, no thanks.

So what's his great product that has helped transform so many hearts, and made suckers of their wallets at the same time? Video Games.

Even though I am a youth pastor, I've never been a fan of using video games (even the actual video games that teens love to play) to just get butts to fill the youth room. But I think I'm actually "anti" this type of commercialism of the Gospel message and the Kingdom of God, even before adding the fund-raising aspects. Seriously, check the website (even though this might be a kind of "advertising"....even bad traffic is traffic...ah well). It almost seems like something someone would invent to make fun of fundamental Christianity.

Do I believe God CAN use something like this to transform a persons' life? Yes. In the same way that I do actually believe God can reach out to someone through the nonsensical rituals suggested by Peter Popoff - ripoff evangelist extraordinaire.

But I didn't know how to respond to this guy, other than "Seriously?" So I'll leave that to you. How would you respond? Or is "delete" enough? Or maybe I'm the crazy one. Maybe I'm missing how incredible an idea this is.

Note: I notice they also sell "educational programming" - with Charlie Church Mouse (clearly a ripoff of Charity Church Mouse) - I'll wager "secular" educational video games are way better, and don't threaten you with "H is for Hell, where all the sinners burn" type theology. :)

NEW NOTE: Please check out my updated knowledge on these companies in a more recent post. Thanks to Mr. Dotson for helping clear the perception.

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Jeff said...

Hi, my name is Jeff Dotson. VP of LifeLine Studios. Creators of Charlie Church Mouse. Just wanted to clear a few things up.

Inspired media is for better ot worse our current publisher (until July 09). We have no control over what they do. We'll they don't listen anyway.

Christian games are not a booming business. We have a mountain of personal debt and hope to just break even. The small handfull of developers that there are making christian games only want to use the gifts that the lord has given them to make an impact for the kingdom. This is our ministry. We feel the best way to reach the masses for the kingdom is through media.

I would love to speak with you by Phone and discuss this with you.

Jeff Dotson