Monday, October 13, 2008

God vs. Coincidence...

Back in early August, I posted a blog about the psycho-tv-preacher Peter Popoff, who wanted me to eat a tortilla cooked on dung, and send him $17 to receive an incredible blessing from God, etc. Ever since contacting their organization, I've been receiving a piece of junk mail last least once every 10 days, each containing a new ritual God wants me to go through to receive His newest financial blessing. It's scary, and kinda seems like he's training people to be religious witch-doctors.

In his very first junk mail piece to me, he gave me a date. Since then, he's given me about 15 more dates over the next year or so, that each are important to God's plan for my life, etc...and will only be fruitful if I follow the rituals involved and send him the "seed" of $17.34 or something for each one. Crock.

But the very first date I was given, just to be funny, I put it on the calendar. October 13th, 2008. I wrote it as "Financial Blessing Day", and walked away. Didn't think much of it. Last week we received news randomly that my parents had bought me an early Christmas gift, and that it would arrive sometime today, October 13th.

A funny coincidence, as I assure you my parents have nothing to do with Peter Popoff or his ministries. There are some who would say, doesn't even matter...a freezer is not a financial blessing. But there are others who would say, WOW, that is SOOO GOD.

But it does illustrate a larger point worth considering. I believe that God is. I believe that God is good. So when good things happen, it makes sense to thank God. But where is the line, and is it even important to find?

Back before Wheel of Fortune, I was in debt. Not just good, car/home/student loan debt. But actual, stupid choices over time credit card debt. Before the show, I had totaled up what I would need to get out from under the bad debt. That's almost exactly what I walked away with.

God? Or coincidence? If I say God, it also means God wanted the pregnant lady next to me whose story was just as needy as mine, and had a really nice husband/ lose. Seriously, she didn't even win a penny. Except the $1,000 they give everyone, but she spent more than that on travel to LA.

This two-sided coin pops up once in a while in all of our lives. I think it's enough to thank God when good things happen, but also in our praise to realize that in our unbalanced world that yearns for completion - not everyone has that thing to be thankful for. In that moment, may we pray also for/with those who suffer, that God may continue His work in our incomplete world.

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