Thursday, October 16, 2008

Help for November 4th, 2008

You may be thinking in a panic recently, "oh wait, I'm going to be expected to vote for MORE than just the president on November 4th!!??" Like many Americans, you may be tempted to simply show up, and vote for the "lesser offices" based on who's name rhymes with silly words, or who's commercial you can vaguely remember, or even *gasp* what party they represent, hoping your grandma's e-mail was right.

In order to combat that event from happening, I wanted to give you a quick summary of places you can find more information on what you'll want to know that day.

#1 - Sample Ballot - (or Sample for Decatur Residents) Includes most of the main offices that will be up for a vote in your area. This link is specifically for IL residents, but if you're from elsewhere, simply select a different state from the drop down menu. Give them your friends address if you're afraid of being stalked, and you'll be given a sample ballot, with buttons to click to learn more about each office, candidate, and public action up for a vote. Or a similar site, but no sample ballot here - Vote Smart.

#2 - Who's Running - Very similar to the above site, but they don't actually tell you what District you're in according to your address. But just another site to learn about the candidates/issues/etc.

#3 - The Official Site - For Illinoisans only. It appears to be fancier, but from what I've tried it's not much. Funny, it's the actual site given to us by our government. God bless 'em. Still, if you know exactly what you're looking for, it may prove worth a read. Unless you're a part of the 18th Congress like me...apparently not worth providing info for just yet.

Seriously readers, take a few moments over the next several weeks. Shut off the TV late at night when you KNOW you're just flippin' to pass the time. Get together with your spouse, or a friend, and just spend a few minutes looking through some of these other offices/issues up for a vote. You'll be glad you did, and you'll earn your right to be proud or upset at the officials as our journey as citizen's continue...

ps. One issue that seems important to IL in particular is that of the Constitutional Convention. There are plenty of sites saying "YES" to it, you can check them out. And to be fair, one of a few articles I could find saying "NO" to it. (seriously, why don't they make cool websites like the "YES" people?)

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The Maze Monster said...

It's a shame how many people don't educate themselves on issues and candidates whom they are are also voting for or against on November 4th. They forgot that these issues and candidates will affect them just as much and sometimes more as their pick for president.