Thursday, October 09, 2008

How to fix the economy. :)

I love hockey. A few years back, the finances of the NHL were crumbling. Poor financial decisions were being made, and the ones with the most money were ruling the League. Changes needed to be made. Leaders couldn't agree. There was a lock-out. They threatened to bring in cheaper players. Eventually it was decided...a salary cap was put in place. (small picture of a much larger story)

There's another professional sport that people haven't even realized exists yet. The sport of business/corporate success. There are team names/logos. There are HUGE fan bases (stock holders). People watch from the sidelines, and cheer on their team, and boo the competition. There are busy seasons, slow seasons, successful seasons, and seasons of failure. There is merchandise and advertising. There is public image. The players are changing on a fairly consistent basis...and the ones that have been around the longest, demand the highest pay.

How it's gone on unregulated for so long is surprising. But it's probably, in large part, due to the elements I posted yesterday. How dare we define for someone else what "happiness" is, right? If someone who determines their own salary decides they deserve several million dollars a year in order to be "happy"....they're allowed that freedom, right?

I say nope. I'm not talking about government regulation as a puppeteer, or even government-owned business...Lord knows our government can be just as corrupt as the corporate heads themselves.

But I think it's about time there was a salary cap for the sport of business/corporate success. Probably even entertainment industries while we're at it. The same elements exist there as well. The focus is no longer on serving humanity, and changing the world and communicating through art. It's on selling, growing, climbing, and building empires/idols to ourselves.

A salary cap is needed. And if they cry about what they're entitled to, bring in other people who CAN do the EXACT same job for much less, be quite happy to do it.

There. Probably a simple-minded suggestion from someone who doesn't understand enough about the economy to even speak a worthwhile sentence to those actually in charge. And I realize that no, this will NOT "fix" the economy. Neither will either president getting elected. Neither will if the American people "try really hard", etc. There are fundamental changes in what motivates us as humanity - world-wide - that need to be different.

Lord help us.

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