Monday, October 20, 2008

Living "Christian"

This past week or so, a new publication has launched in the Macon County area. It's called "Living Christian Magazine". I heard about it last week from a friend, but hadn't seen it until I saw a giant stack of free copies sittin' on our ushers' stand on Sunday.

I gotta be honest, when I first heard about it, I was kinda excited. Any local publication is kinda cool to see happen; not sure why. And then I saw a copy. I'm still not 100% sure what I think about it, but here are my first thoughts...

First, the cover price = $5.95 Seriously? For 28 pages of mostly businesses advertising to the entire County that they associate themselves with Christianity? (seriously, counting the back cover there's 11 full pages of advertising) You can subscribe NOW for "only" $3 an issue....but it doesn't seem worth it.

Second, the fact that it feels like a giant, expensively printed, church newsletter for the entire County. A "church profile" here (given to an audience that already attends somewhere, anyone smell church shopping?). An interview with a "senior saint" there. A witty "Christian" forward your grandma probably sent you (complete with recipes and church bloopers), and some pictures of quaint church signs from local churches.

Third, "Christian"? The word is in the title, and looking at the articles for the next issue (Christmas Traditions, Starting a Christian Band, Christian Funerals, Investing like a Christian) there an echo? I hope they find a Christian way to use the Christian word Christian a little less in the Christian future.

I can see it becoming a stumbling block to churches and pastors across our community who want their events, or their ministries to get a special feature in this high quality publication. They seem like nice guys, and my opinion is probably way off base and cynical, and the magazine does meet the goal they state on their website...

Like I said...I'm probably just cynical. I probably just embarrassed myself, and if they find my blog, I'll never be invited to talk about how cool my church is. Dang it.

I am a fan of community things. And if this publication ends up being a way for the body of Christ in our local area to actually "be" the body of Christ, and do Kingdom work across denominational, economic, social, political, and racial boundaries.....then awesome. But if it ends up being a Christian advertising magazine, to tell us how Christian certain Christians are, and how cool the new facilities are over at that other Christian Church....then no thanks.

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ngerman said...

I read through the magazine yesterday and I pretty much agree with everything you said here.