Thursday, October 09, 2008

local news...Kingdom impact?

Saw a surprising story on the local news tonight. A local police officer at Stephen Decatur Middle School tased a 14-year old student. Of course this is going to make headlines, probably even beyond our hometown papers.

Is this just Decatur, IL? My guess is it's something larger? That a 14 year old student looks/acts like the twenty-somethings he sees in the entertainment industries; not so unique. That he doesn't respect adult authority, again - not unique.

But that the situation escalated to the point where he was tased? 14 year old? On school property?

I'm sure over the next several weeks/months, as the parent no doubt files suit against the police and the school itself; we'll learn more. I don't know enough about the situation to say whose side I would fall on....but it seems nuts on both sides.

Granted - totally better than shooting him. God bless non-lethal technology that allows us to silence and subdue any rebellious 14-year old we

It'd be great if this story was a wake-up call for many of the issues involved here. For the parent (and parents of teenagers). For the school systems. For the police. For the culture that promotes/raises teens like this daily.

But it smells like the beginning of a long legal battle, where the wounds will get even deeper for all involved. And in the midst of it all, a 14 year old boy, barely a young man. A mom who has lost the ability to trust her sons care to "the system". A police officer whose split-second decision will not be forgotten anytime soon...even by him.

As a youth pastor....who spends a lot of time praying/ministering to the 14-year olds' generation in this community; as well as an adult who wants to help better the society my daughters are growing up in....this is one of those situations. Prayer is needed for every person, and the community involved. I just pray, God....use this....please.

In brighter news, the local paper has finally discovered the gourmet hot dog stand I blogged about way back when...check the article out here, it's worth more of your time than who's being tased lately. :)

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Jake T said...

Like usual, I'm going to come out in favor of the Taser. 2 seconds of harmless (albeit painful) paralyzation instead of billy clubs, pepper spray, and a pile on.

I see the danger of Taser becoming too common/easy to use.

But what you don't see is police officers swinging their billy clubs any more.

And that means fewer broken bones and massive bruises for everybody.