Tuesday, October 14, 2008

por que chihuahua?

The past few weeks - if you've owned a TV, gotten the newspaper, or even accessed the internet; it doesn't guarantee you've seen much news. Then again, I guess that was true before recently anyways. News is what they tell us, and lately that means politics, the economy, and smearing those who disagree with you on those issues.

But if you can sift through what's being pushed, you see other things. It's said that you can gauge things about society/culture by what they're paying/not paying to do. Not sure how good of a gauge that is, and what exactly it's checking, but it can probably tell us something.

In this instance, I thought it was interesting that not only for one week, but for TWO weeks, the TOP GROSSING movie in theaters for a weekend was the mindless childrens' flick, "Beverly Hills Chihuahua".

Maybe our culture is beginning to see the trends in fashionable dog-owners, who are able to keep rat-like versions of canines in their purses and carry-on bags. Or maybe it's how stinkin' hillarious George Lopez is. Perhaps just the fantasy that our dogs have any thoughts at all, more than "eat this, pee here, chew this, don't eat that again".

But I think I know what it is. Just look at your local movie listings to see what's playing in theaters right now.

You and I are most likely adults. We've been listening to what the news, and our bank accounts tell us. And they both tell us this: right now is no time to go out and spend $9 to stare at a screen for 2 hours, pay $5 for a drink, and $5 more for some popcorn. Now is a good time to save money, and prepare to live off less than we currently enjoy.

So who goes to see a movie? The top two movies from this weekend explain. Number 2 in the box office was the new, low-budget (and low intellect) thriller "Quarantine". If you don't think a lot about life in general, you'll probably enjoy that movie. Number 1 in the box office was the only kids movie in theaters right now.

We all know, even in the toughest of times, even with bad credit debt, and way past bed time....when our kids give us "that look", it's really hard to say no. The movie is most likely not very good at all, and the critics seem to say that. But it has great timing.

For now.... HULU it is. :)

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The Maze Monster said...

The number of good movies has gone down dramatically lately. They are all nothing more than "fluff."