Monday, October 06, 2008

a special place in my heart goes to...

Pizza. Yup, among more important and more life-concerned emphases this month ( and some odd ones too). October is also National Pizza Month, and in honor of such I would like to spend some time telling you about my relationship with pizza. I could give you a history of my entire life with pizza, but instead will refrain to a simple "best of" from specific categories.

DINE-IN: Giordano's Pizza in Chicago. I first tasted this AMAZING pizza that truly reveals WHY it was originally called a "pizza pie" back in college. This pizza wins "BEST PIZZA I'VE EVER TASTED" award in my book as well. As with all categories of pizza, I am adamant that no vegetables (even mushrooms, Larry) be anywhere on the pizza. Even just on half. Because, as vegetable-lovers will not understand, the veggie juices are totally notice-able elsewhere on the pizza. Meats and cheeses are the only toppings allowed on my pizza's. Even the sauce itself shouldn't have too many chunks.

DELIVERY: Hungry Howie's in Michigan. Although apparently they're growing (not one here yet), I grew up knowing this as a Michiganders' privilege. They've changed a bit, but you can still select from a few different flavored crusts, always loaded with Parmesan and garlic flavors. Not long, and your smile will resemble that of Howie himself painted on the box.

FROZEN (high end): It'd be a tie between Freschetta and DiGiorno, depending on who has the better sale that week. Both are getting creative lately, making their pizza's on garlic bread and focaccia crusts...I'm enjoying it. But I still prefer the traditional cheese-stuffed crust pizza. Flip the oven to 425, and pop that thing in the oven fully frozen on a pizza stone, to cook as the oven pre-heats. It's the best way.

FROZEN (low end): Another tie between Jack's and Tombstone (interesting fact - DiGiorno, Jack's, and Tombstone pizzas are ALL made by the same company - KRAFT) depending on who has a better sale that week. I would say that Tony's used to be on this list, simply for having the pepperoni that curled up around the edges like little bowls of hot grease. But due to flat pepperoni, they're no longer competitors.

HOME-MADE: Corn-meal Crust, and on the grill. Check my wife's blog in order to learn more. This one goes not far behind some of the best DINE IN options out there. If you haven't, you need to try this at home. :)

All in all, as much as I try to avoid youth-pastor cliche's (polo shirts, bad music, etc.)...I've fallen for this one. I could eat pizza 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, and be alright. I'd rather have a frozen pizza over a full roast beef dinner any night of the week. But I'm trying to grow up....slowly.

And to close it all - check out this article with a brief history of pizza, which apparently goes a lot further back than even I imagined.


Ethiopianmomma said...

I have to say that the time my hubby made pizza and mistook powdered sugar for flour was my favorite most yummy pizza ever. I will order Jason Brabson pizza anyday!
Speaking of which, BRABSON if you read this make me a pizza!

Monogenes said...

Dine In - Lou Malnati's in Chicago.

Delivery - Papa Murphys, I'm counting it, don't really like any other delivery.

Frozen (high-end): Freschetta by a nose, I really used to like the sauce-stuffed crust version that I can't find anymore.

Frozen (low-end): Jacks Mexican, and beyond that Tony's.

Homemade: I'll go with your answer.

The only veggies I really prefer are mushrooms and Banana Peppers. Beyond that, I'm all meat baby.

The Maze Monster said...

I used to love Pizza but it doesn't love me as I am lactose intolerant. However, I do get a little slice of heavenly cheese pizza every once in a while (even if I do get a stomach ache later)