Friday, October 03, 2008

where's the deal?

So last year, as most of you should know by now, I did a little song and dance on Wheel of Fortune, that netted me a few bills paid off, a couple vacations, and a dishwasher. It was stinkin' awesome, and our lives are different in many ways because of it.

You may also remember earlier this year, I attempted to get my next "fix" by trying out for "Deal or No Deal". The goal this time is to actually get money we can use to put us in the positive, as opposed to simply getting out of our already accrued debt.

Unfortunately, these auditions are a little more vague in their results.

For Wheel of Fortune, it was - "If you hear from us within 2 weeks, you've made it!! If not, we're sorry, but thanks for coming." You knew what to expect, and when to expect it.

With Deal or No Deal, it was - "Thanks for coming!! Someday, you might hear from us!!!" Sure, some people were immediately called back to Springfield. Someone was even asked to be a briefcase girl, from what we heard. But so far, to our knowledge, no one from the area has been on the show.

I'm not answering the phone everytime there's an unknown number thinking "could this be Hollywood?"...but at the same time...I can't honestly say I've forgotten about it 100%. Every time I hear the muffler on my 1994 Saturn. Every time we shell out for another GIANT pack of disposable diapers. Every time we wish we had an official "guest room" as opposed to the dungeon in our basement with a queen sized bed. In those moments I briefly think, "maybe they'll call soon."

But until then, and/or even if "then" doesn't occur, it's all good.

The banker couldn't give me even half of what I value in life these days.

(but if he calls....I'm totally answering.) :)

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Monogenes said...

I don't mind the dungeon, but I'll probably sleep on the couch because for some reason there are less spiders on a couch. At least in my mind.