Saturday, November 08, 2008

Children Underground...

Watched another documentary (into these lately) earlier this week. It's called "Children Underground". I'm sure a lot of you know more about Romania than I do, but here's my brief synopsis.

Apparently a while back, Romania wanted to boost it's future workforce. So they made abortion and birth control illegal. A HUGE amount of children were born, and with lost jobs and unhealthy home situations, many of them ended up on the streets. By many, I mean over 20,000 in a small amount of time.

This movie follows a small group of them living in a subway station. The issues their stories bring up are tough ones. Issues of identity. Of self-worth. Of communication, both spoken and implied...between those of similar status and up/down the social rungs. A 10-year-old girl looking out for her younger brother. Many of the teens addicted to huffing paint fumes, to relieve them of their situation/hunger. Begging. Doing whatever small jobs they can for people who tolerate them enough to help out a earn a few cents, or food.

I watched the movie while holding my almost 9-month old, Sophie. I don't know much about who she will be someday. But she will know she is loved...unconditionally. So many things within the documentary that I'm tempted to draw out and use as an illustration, etc...but I can't bring myself to do it. Seems like it would cheapen the struggles/issues covered.

But ultimately, there is much to be gained from seeing this. The small amount of worth/love some people communicated to these kids, and the impact it has on their lives.

May we all be aware of the places we can have such an impact for the Kingdom...

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