Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I know him!!!

If you've seen the movie "Elf", you know the scene. He's helping out over at Gimbal's in the Christmas area, and it's announced that Santa will be visiting tomorrow. Immediately he gets excited and yells, "I KNOW HIM!!!"

Yesterday, Sarah and I took Addie to the mall. Walking around, not thinking too much of it. We notice the Santa display is ahead on the left. Just casually we say, "Hey, Addie...look....who's that?" Without any prompting, she says, "Santa!", immediately runs towards Santa, ducks underneath the ropes separating him from the world, and goes up to say hello.

A world of difference from the little girl who cried at the slightest hint of a red hat with a cotton ball on top. She understands who he is, a bit more about what he represents, and that somehow he's tied into good things. And she has no reserve to act on that knowledge. :) No reason to think she shouldn't have immediate access to that relationship.

Just another random reminder. In a world where we can easily get caught up in the logistics of service planning. Where we can get bogged down by the correct theology of sanctuary carpet, or catching up on the latest speaker/author and what is being done in areas of church growth/health (not the same thing). Where plans for ministry empowered by the Spirit clash with the reality of being a human being serving with and for other human beings.

We have access to the creator. How incredible it will be, when completion comes, and we can shout with the joy of a 2 year old, "I Know Him!!!"...and run up in awe and excitement and just a bit of fear. :)

Even still....we do not wait hopelessly for "some day". Our creator IS Lord even now. And not only do we know Him...He knows us. Cliche' or cheesy or not...that's freakin' awesome.

May we live that excitement, proud and unaware of the velvet ropes...

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