Friday, November 07, 2008

just add it to the list...

I had this girlfriend back in college who was incredible. We met early freshman year, and began officially dating in early December, 1999. Eventually, you guessed it, she became my wife. Since the day we met, a list has continued to grow of why she rocks. (I'd say "why I love her", but that's a bit mushy)

She and a couple friends have been working on a new project lately. They're all nuts for connecting/being resourceful/saving time/helping others/etc...and came up with something. A website that posts meal ideas/recipes/etc. and updates regularly to help you meal plan ahead of time; helping you know how to shop/plan ahead/etc. She'd do a better job describing it too, probably, but you can learn the most about it just by going over and CHECKING IT OUT!!!

"But Chadwick, isn't that a bit sexist?" - You might be thinking. "Isn't that making the statement that women are the ones who should be planning/cooking/etc.?"


She knows whenever she wants, I will gladly take over plans for any meal throughout our week. It just happens that she doesn't share my affinity for frozen pizzas. :)

For real though....check that stuff out. Just click the link, go to the site, and bookmark that thing. Tell your friends. And your friends' friends. Heck, even Money Saving Mom is hip to them.

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