Sunday, November 23, 2008

practical spirituality for the week ahead...

It's not going to happen accidentally.

It's not going to happen easily.

It won't come from just making sure you went to church, or read something "Jesus-ish" recently.

This week, many in the world go crazy shopping. Many of us join in the craziness at different levels and locations. Many people will not do as much thinking and praying as they do spending money they don't have.

We have been those people.

Reminder for the weeks ahead: You do NOT need to spend money you do not have, to communicate love to someone. You DO have permission to be real and genuine with the people in your life. People who love you will not question how much/how little you spent on them.

Lock up your credit cards. If you don't have it, don't spend it.

Being honest with yourself, and with those you love can communicate a lot. And will help us all to remember the Truth in the meaning of these Holidays.

PS: Wrap with newspaper, write on a box of crackers (or a lottery ticket if you're okay with it) instead of buying a $4 card that we all throw away anyways, write letters instead of cards, give away gifts from around the house, give to a special cause or someone less fortunate, and above all - Love.

pps. If you have a ton of money, and you don't "get" why this blog post is important; you should probably give some away. If you've already given some - give more. :)

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