Saturday, November 01, 2008

reminder for the week ahead...

0.5. Continue to check FACT CHECK in order to see the truth behind what BOTH presidential candidates throw out there.

0.75. Neither candidate is the "Christian" candidate. Voting one way or another does not automatically indicate anyone's level or direction of faith.

1. Obama is NOT any sort of anti-Christ, or the sign of any type of "end times" prophecy. No matter what grandma tells you. I doubt that even if there were going to be one "anti-Christ", someone could accidentally vote for him.

2. Voting for McCain does NOT mean someone is traditional or uber Convservative, or somehow "out of touch". Each candidate have several issues they disagree on, several issues they (and their campaigns) still don't present clearly to the public. But when it comes down to it, they both are candidates because they are qualified to be. People will vote for a candidate based on a large number of possible legitimate reasons.

3. There are many more things at stake than the presidency!!!! Check my previous break-down of Macon County's ballot for a local rundown.

4. Even if the candidate we voted for in any office wins, our work is NOT DONE!

Whether a certain candidate wins or loses this next week, our response as citizens remains largely the same. To support our leaders, to pray for God's guidance as we seek to better serve and represent His Kingdom (of love/grace/mercy/freedom) even as citizens of a certain country. To remain active in the decision-making processes of the world around us.

To live sacrificially, and simply, and to be aware of how we fit as a part of the redeeming work God is accomplishing in all of creation.

And no - the fact that the world will continue to spin and God's Kingdom will continue to come no matter which candidate is elected - does NOT mean Christians should not worry about voting this week.

But rather, like Paul (a practicing Roman citizen - Acts 22:25-29), God calls us to be INVOLVED in the processes that guide. Not that we believe God's Kingdom will come based on how we vote, any more than we believe by preaching lives will be changed.

We depend on God's Spirit to move,
which is good....cause that's pretty much it's nature.

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