Wednesday, November 05, 2008

sound of silence...

The economy is hurting. We hear this regularly.

Not so long ago, gas prices were hovering at nearly $4.00 per gallon. We heard cries going up all over the place. Every news channel had their own way of publicizing how horrible this was. People blamed big oil companies, and attached the issue to politics in big ways. We were reminded by various "counters" that would keep track of the average price of gas in major cities. We were told to continue expecting higher prices, as the world continued to spiral downward, and watch that evenings' broadcast for more updates on why the prices are so high.

In about a month, gas prices have lowered to the $1.97 range in many cities. For someone who was paying $300 a month average for gas, it now means that person pays $150 average per month.

Who's covering that story?

Granted, it's a sign that the economy continues to slow down a bit, and there is less demand for gas. But for the average American who already lived simply before the prices got crazy-high, this is a HUGE relief!!! The few reporters that do cover the story get a 4th page small article with no pictures...or a 30-second spot in the middle of "real" news.

I understand. Panic, anxiety and distress make us want to keep watching the news. They make us want to buy the products advertised, and vote for the politicians followed, hoping that something can save us from the anxiety the news just told us we should have. We want to make sure we're "up to date" on the latest thing we need to worry about.

It's a very good capitalistic formula.

So let me be one of the few to break the silence.

Okay. I'm done now.

Let's see who wins this election, so that we can hear the news tell us why it's both an incredible happening AND something we need to worry about at the same time.
Maybe there's a shaving gel that will help me cope...

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