Sunday, November 16, 2008

supper-club/sacramental socialism

On Sunday nights, we've begun something with a small group of our teens. We make a meal, and eat together. It began as a "leadership" group, and continues to be a core group of the youth from our church. The goal as it began was to invest in relationship-building for many of our younger teens, in hopes that they will become more confident/present as leaders in our other times together.

It's working. More is happening that I'd originally hoped.

I'm reminded of the beginning celebrations of the Eucharist Meal(communion, literally "giving thanks"). How special it is as sacrament and as worship, but also as a statement of the Kingdom of God in today's economics.

"At the Lord's Table, those who have bread bring it, and all are fed; that is the model for the Christian social vision in all times and places" - Yoder

It's something that happens in our youth on Sunday nights. Anyone who can bring food does, many come, and everyone eats. Our church acts similarly on other special events (annual BBQ, Sunday Evening Snacks, etc.). Anytime we have food together as a church, they tell certain people to bring certain things, but truth is, even if you show up with nothing, you're invited to eat just as much as the 70 year lady who cooked all afternoon to prepare.

Easy to do it, and just enjoy it. But may we be reminded of the model it gives us for life as the church throughout our weeks as well. As those who are living new creations within a new creation, may we bring what we have to others in need.

May we invite others "to our table", without taking into account what they might bring to it.

May we give thanks...

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Bethany said...

I'm just a little jealous....just so you know!
It really is a good thing!