Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving...(another guest post)

For puffs of any flavor. (if you don't know what these're missing out)

For figuring out a new way to laugh.

For an older sister who repeats half of everything mommy and daddy say to me, to make sure I heard it.

For fresh diapers, even if I have to lay down in a Koala Care Center to get one.

For clean floors.

For warm socks, and even shoes. (even though I totally don't need shoes yet)

For large fridge magnets, and the fact that I can stand up to reach them all on my own.

For a trip to Hawaii that I'll never remember except for pictures that prove I was totally there. :)

For 4 front teeth that are finally all the way through the skin.

For the never ending supply of drool I have to tell everyone near me how much I love them with.

To be continued...

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