Monday, November 03, 2008

things to think about...

In times like this, where the politicking of the day has made most people aware that we exist with a system with many flaws. Flaws that no human being can claim to have remedy for. Many have already spoken wisdom about the roots of the body of Christ having much to offer society as a whole...

"...the order of the faith community constitutes a public offer to the entire society....this good news...a grace-driven order of servant hood transcends the hampering dialectic of fulfillment and claim, dignity and responsibility, taking and's authority is not coercion but trust...its members commit themselves totally, contributing the wholeness of what worldly powers cannot command...every member is seen as a person, a brother or sister, and as equal, regardless of status, capacity, qualification....Church law (order) may be a model in that it is "living": flexible and fluid, continuously flowing from the worse to the better." - Karl Barth

"It is not that first we set about being a proper church and then in a later move go about deciding to care prophetically for the rest of the world. To participate in the transforming process of becoming a faith community is itself to speak the prophetic word, is itself the beginning of the transformation of the cosmos...Our world still needs to learn that the reason every person and every kind of person must be seen with equal respect (and love) is not that their (or our) culture is equally healthy, or that (anyone) has earned equal treatment, but that equal dignity is ascribed by divine bias in favor of the Other." - John Howard Yoder

"The discoverer of the role of forgiveness (even in politics) was Jesus of Nazareth. The fact that he made this discovery in a religious context and articulated it in religious language is no reason to take it any less seriously in a strictly secular sense." - Hannah Arendt

The body of Christ has always had much to offer the world. We continue to have much, even through many mistakes and leaders/sects that have missed the heart of Christ in large ways. May God be with us, as we continue to offer His Kingdom to a world that needs it badly.

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