Monday, December 08, 2008

4+1 = 5

And that's why we have a mini-van.

Yup, whether you heard it already or not, it's true. We are having a 3rd child. We'll find out the gender in late January, and the due date is currently June 11th. We're pretty excited, along with all the other emotions that come with finding out you're expecting.

For Addison, I was appropriately excited and freaked out of my mind. With Sophie, I was a bit less freaked out of my mind, but I tried to fit the part. Everyone knows husbands/fathers are supposed to pretend they're freaked out, even if they're not that much.

For this one, I don't know how much I'm gonna pretend.

Yeah, it'll be a bit more thin financially. Yeah, we'll probably sleep less. Yeah, it means more poopy diapers, and snot in the winter, and vomit on the carpet at some point. But really, it's not all that bad.

Not when contrasted against all that is gained especially. The joys of parenting, the love, the learning, the life (and cheap entertainment) involved. I'm stinking excited. Three children under the age of 3, I's gonna be nuts. But totally do-able (says the husband who gets to go to work most days of the week). Did I mention my wife is incredible?

So feel free to put in your guesses for gender, weight, date/time, etc. We'll announce more information as it becomes publicly available. Sorry if a blog seems an impersonal way to tell you...I didn't think you'd mind.

ps. We have had a couple ultrasounds - so we know there's definitely only one, and a pretty fast heartbeat, if you believe that means anything. :)


Monogenes said...

For a minute there I thought you said poopy fingers. In that instance I thought 'yuck'!

Verna said...

And what happens if it should be twins? I'd say you are gonna have another girl.

Meghan Jacoby Rapp said...

Congrats Sarah! (and Chadwick) I'm due in April with my first. Our babies will have to play at the reunion next year!

Meghan Jacoby Rapp

Wife to Mark,Mom to Samuel said...

YAY Congrats to the Whole Family! We are due in June, as well! The end of June(21st). Hope it's a happy healthy pregnancy! Blessings and Love from Washington!
Amy, Mark, and Samuel Moore