Wednesday, December 10, 2008

any Josephs?

So here ya' go, I'll throw this post out for some fun. Twice over the past week I've had a similar dream. I can't give you all the details, cause...well...I can't remember them all. But here's a summary:

At some point, as Sarah and I are watching the news together, or some other program that talks about what's happening in the world, we see something that grabs our attention. It's a story about a potato chip, and the image that's on it (NOT the image of Christ, just like wavy or something). How valuable it is. They can tell by looking at it, that there MUST be one more "out there", and by the looks of it, it's probably worth 1 to 2 million dollars.

We just happen to have a bag of chips in front of us. I grab a few out, and boom. There's the million dollar potato chip staring right back at us. We look at the TV, and yup, same exact shape and markings on it. We have a winner. So we call someone. (the potato chip expert I suppose) He tells us it's definitely the chip, and wants us to bring it to him (on the other side of the country), but to be careful. Apparently there are lots of people out there who may have heard we have the chip.

The rest of the dream is filled with me finding ways to protect this preciously fragile fried slice of potato. I put it in a safety deposit box. I lock it in a fireproof safe. But ultimately I still end up holding onto it, cradling it in my hands. Ninja's attack. Explosions all around me. Gunfire rips through the skies. Babies cry. (that may have just been Sophie)

It's like some sort of action movie. I'd say "Transporter", but I've never actually seen any of them all the way through. So anywho. I always wake up before I'm able to deliver the chip to the man willing to pay millions for it. (SOOO frustrating) But still, it's a pretty fun dream.

Figured, it's rare for me to have a recurring dream (minus the tiger who used to tickle me when I was young....but that was scary). So I thought I'd throw this one out to see if there's a Joseph (or anyone with a guess).


Monogenes said...

I thought it was also ET that tickled you. I heard there was a pastor who recently prayed over a deposit slip for $1 million and an anonymous donor gave him $1.5 million for a church they were building. God is good in these tough economic times ;).

Steve said...

Was there any point in the dream where you said to a friend on the phone, "This is a valuable $%#&ing potato chip; it's not something you just give away" and then found out you were being taped?

pastorwick said...

haha...not that I can recall. :)