Monday, December 15, 2008


I'm pretty against cards. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, they're USUALLY a waste of money/time/resources. Usually my anti-card thoughts are reserved for Birthdays. You spend whatever you budgeted (or nothing) on a gift for someone, and then spend another 1 to 5 dollars on a piece of folded thick paper that says "Happy Birthday" on it, and most of the time simply sign your name somewhere on it. And just being honest, I usually throw cards away. Sometimes even directly after opening them. Unless they're hilarious and contain the word "fart" or "booger" somewhere on them. Then I show my wife or a couple close friends. Then I throw it away.

Usually, I cringe a little. Mainly because, I already know WHO the gift is from. I know they are a lot more fun to listen to than this piece of paper, and I love crackers so much. "Crackers?" you may ask. "Crackers" I say to you. Cheez-Its specifically. They cost as much as a nice card.

Seriously though, Christmas Cards. I know there's tradition, and good thoughts, and love and all that. Once in a while you get a home made card, or a card with a few sentences written in it. Once in a great while even a picture. Those I can get down with a little more. We have a meaningful card dance in my head together whenever it happens.

I'm a youth pastor at a church where a LOT of people like to give Christmas cards. We open card after card after card, some very ornate. Rip the envelope open, "what a pretty picture", open the card, "aw, Merry Christmas" (already written by the company), and the person or couple's name generically written at the bottom.

Hopefully this doesn't offend, as some of my readers may be people who sent those cards. In those cases, I guess I can be thankful at least we have a little card station at our church, so you don't have to waste postage too.

I am thankful for the thoughts behind the cards. But I encourage for Christmas or birthdays or other occasions in 2009, just call me. Or e-mail me. Or buy me some crackers. Or write a short letter. Doesn't need to be pretty. Just needs to be from YOU. :)


Verna said...

Donate your unwanted cards to the women's group, they will recycle them and send them over seas.

Monogenes said...

There is not a single card coming from my person to your domicile. Don't feel bad when all the other family members mention how awesome their cards are.

Jake T said...

How about we go one better from Cheez-its. How about a real and for true block of freakin' cheese?

Now that'd be awesome--to get a block of cheese instead of a card.

that said, a block of cheese probaby costs more than a card.