Sunday, December 07, 2008

forgiveness - pt. 2

Recently I posted a few words on forgiveness. As part of the difficult words I put out there, came the truth that if we honestly forgive as Christ taught, we will probably be hurt/humiliated, and even harder - so will those we love. What has caught my attention recently, however, is another "thing" that may be injured by our forgiveness. I'm not sure what to call it. I'd call it the Church, or religion, or Christ himself, but I think it'd be easier to actually show you the stories.

Recently I posted a blog about how Christians are responding to the Atheist community in Kentucky. Apparently we're very good at this type of non-Love, as you can see in this 2nd example. In response to Atheist holiday themed advertising that you can be "good for goodness sake" (instead of having to be good for fear of punishment from God), a Christian community is actually RAISING MONEY to put out their own mass advertising campaign.

So it seems that even if we might become good at allowing ourselves to be hurt by showing forgiveness to others; even if we allow others we love to be hurt by showing Christ-like forgiveness; we are not willing in many ways to take the next step. Like Peter the night Christ was arrested, we grab our daggers and attempt to defend Christ. We strike out, taking off the ear of those "attacking our beliefs".

Christ responds to us, "Put your sword back into its sheath..."

God does not need our "defense" in any public realm. We do not need to fight for "rights" to have ten commandments proudly displayed anywhere prominent. We do not need to push and push to make sure words on official USA documents include major references to God. We do not need to fight to have a specific prayer or even "silent" time in schools. We do not need to start a "Christian" advertising campaign to counter that of any other belief or non-belief. These are all efforts and dollars that could be spent actually feeding the hungry, or clothing the naked.

We need to forgive. We need to love.

May we follow Christ more often than we lead Him.

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