Saturday, December 06, 2008

how not to show love...

Once again on the Friendly Atheist, he has made his readers aware of how Christians were responding to a situation. Apparently the director of American Atheists, Edwin Kagin, is leading a movement against the state of Kentucky for saying praising God is the first duty of the Homeland Security Office.

I can understand why Atheists, and really any non Judeo-Christian would be upset. Heck, I can even see why Christians would be a bit confused by anyone claiming the Homeland Security Office should have the same goal as a church camp.

Not sure I would have filed suit, or worded the suit the way he did, but he did what he thought was necessary. Unfortunately, the Christian community has responded in very unChrist-like ways. The entire situation really is a testimony to where things have gone in our world, and it doesn't look pretty. Here's how it could have happened (in my close-minded, starry-eyed, spoon-full-of-sugar viewpoint):

Atheist Community: We're offended, and feel that the priority this political organization is putting on a specific faith excludes and reduces the value of those who do not share the same beliefs.

Kentucky: We apologize. We realize that Homeland Security should be about the security of the home land, and for all of those citizens in it. Those of us who are Christians, who really had good intentions by inserting the element of God in it, never wanted to communicate anything but love for our neighbors, of any or no faith.

Atheist Community: Okey doke. Let's go keep our nation safe together.

Kentucky: Sounds good.

(both shake hands, and do the hokey-pokey).

But instead, it continues to escalate into the ridiculous.

Please, if you love Christ, let go of yourself. Love your neighbor. We are not called to build a Christian empire or nation. We are called to love. To forgive. To sacrifice. To put others interests before our own. To serve. We are not called to do this as the United States of America, we are called to do this as the Church.

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