Thursday, December 18, 2008


The other night, I realized something (again) about my wife. She's her mothers' daughter. What I mean by that is she shares a few personality traits with her mom. Her mom loves to rearrange furniture in every public room of their house. Sarah isn't so bad here, but I think some of that may be our small living room with a corner TV cabinet, and a piano against the other wall. It limits her ability to do much.

But another aspect is her interest in other homes. She loves to notice which houses are having "Open Houses", and pays attention to which homes are for sale, and sometimes for how much. She has a list of things she likes/dislikes about any home that she's ever seen.

This was great, when we first moved to Decatur. We lived in a 2-bedroom apartment. We were looking for a house. Where most people would have to begin their hunt, we were light years ahead of. We knew where some good houses were, and what was good about them from the very beginning. It didn't take long, before we settled on the amazing house we live in now.

I'm the opposite here. I didn't/don't think about other houses much at all. If it were up to me, IF we ever moved into a house, we'd probably just find the cheapest one in a safe neighborhood, and squat there the rest of our lives. Thankfully, it's not just up to me.

But in a brief moment the other night, where she was talking to me about a home that might be for sale, and going through the pros/cons of making such a move, I had a tiny revelation. Forgetting this was a part of my wife's personality, I quickly took a small offense to her daydreaming. I felt if she was looking at other houses, she must not be living/enjoying where we are right now.

As I sat awake, I wondered if that must be how God feels sometimes. On a much grandeur scheme of course. But for those moments where so much of Christianity focuses on "gettin' the heck outta here, to some mansion on a street paved with gold". I wonder if God is hurt a bit, knowing He made all of this creation out of His Love for us, and intends to make all things new still - so that we can enjoy it fully.

I was thankful for those thoughts...whether from God or my imagination. It's good to remember my wife actually "enjoys" looking at other houses/dreaming about more space for the kids. It's also good to remember God has given us all of this creation to enjoy/seek Him...and one day we'll know more fully what that even means. :)

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Ethiopianmomma said...

I think it is a bit like art or music...seeing beauty and interest and possibility in many different types of houses.