Wednesday, December 24, 2008 coming.

In final celebrations for the "season" of Advent, I figured I should at least say something about waiting. Tomorrow many of us celebrate (under all the gifts and food and hullabaloo) the arrival of the Christ child. "The Word became flesh, and made His dwelling among us."

How long creation waited for that day. It's creator-God, arriving as one created. Living a life that faithfully responded to God, and saying to those who are curious, "follow me". In Love, Dying and becoming "first born from among the dead", so that by being with us, we are mysteriously waiting and yet wrapped up in the Kingdom to come. We wait for all things (including us) to be made new. We are involved in things becoming new even now. It may happen in our lifetime. We may end up leaving this world (death) and waiting with those who have passed already (in "paradise"), but they/we will still be waiting for God to finish what He has promised to bring to completion. That Kingdom coming that was begun in Christ. In Almighty God becoming a helpless baby, and journeying through life as child/boy/man. In his suffering, his sacrifice, his grace, his shed blood, his death, and ultimately, his resurrection.

That is beautiful. That is the type of beauty any true beauty attempts to point to/connect with/echo. To recognize that all of this incredible panoramic picture of beauty/grace/love all begins in that manger scene, wrapped up in swaddling know that such a revelation of the beauty of God's creation is ache for it with all creation today, just as we did the evening before Christ was born - THAT is Christmas eve.

Wait painfully. Wait joyfully. Gasp for the moments to come...

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