Sunday, December 28, 2008


So here we are, after Christmas.

Addie loves Sophie's toys. Sophie loves Addie's toys. They both love whatever the other is playing with. It's entertaining, for the most part.

Sophie couldn't do much of the un-wrapping, but she sure loved playing with the paper. Addie discovered/understood the "Santa" concept (yup, we're lyin' to our it.) more than last year, which was fun. I was in charge of her stocking, which was lots of fun - picking out the random candies she'd discover Christmas morning.

I finally was able to give my wife a gift I'd been saving for a while for. I called it a Christmas gift, cause it seemed an apropos time of the year to give it to her. But really, it's a gift that transcends the usual Christmas "budget". To show her my appreciation for all she does, and my realization that she's totally still Sarah Anne, and not simply a mommy. (not that a mommy could ever "simply" be)

I didn't really have to wait long, in the grand scheme of things. It took me most of the past year to save for it. Then I purchased it. Then I hid it. Then I wrapped it. Then I hid it again. Then I waited a month or so. But I wonder if the relief/joy I felt at FINALLY being able to give her this awesome gift is only a microscopic sliver of the joy God feels when we truly accept Him.

I mean like....for real and stuff. Not simply a felt-board experience of knowing I'm "gonna go to Heaven when I die". But actual - serving the Lord who's Kingdom IS and IS TO COME, transformed by Grace, Holy Spirit led kinda life. I wonder how many times I unwrap it, thank God for it....and forget about it. Maybe He even re-wraps it for me. Some new wording, or art work, or book, or song.....and I unwrap it again - just as joyful.

I'm thankful for a God who continues to pursue me. Like Hosea to His bride, God has enough grace to re-wrap all that He is on a regular basis. So that I might feel like this "thing" that has been around my whole life, has just now been given to me. May I become less and less in need of new wrapping..and more and more aware of the gift I've been given already...

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Ethiopianmomma said...

I know that your wife was incredibly touched by your thoughtfulness and planning. You gifted her with something that met her wants and her needs. Way to go!