Saturday, December 13, 2008

Richard Cizik

Many are relieved he's out. Many are disappointed. Many are unaware of what happened.

You gotta wonder if he WAS actually forced to resign due to his misrepresenting his constituency, or because of the personal beliefs he wasn't shy to share.

As we continue moving forward together, both as a world, and as a Christian Church within that world; the tension will continue to grow. Between what "rights" many Christians will "concede" to "sinners", and what they will not.

There are important issues that need to be discussed. I'm not sure I understand many of them completely, and/or understand where I stand on some of them.

Isn't it better to communicate grace/Love and the inclusiveness of the gospel? Or is it better to communicate, as some Christian leadership would say by their words/actions, "How God intended things, and enforce it legally"?

All I know's unfortunate THIS was not a longer conversation, and brings up some things those of us in Evangelical denominations should be aware of.

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