Friday, December 05, 2008


So here's the thing. Decatur, IL has a popular newspaper. It's called the "Herald & Review". Each year, they do a "Readers' Choice Awards". Local businesses, popular people in town, etc. It's a good way for visitors or people new to the city to know where to get a good burger.

Here's the silly thing: they have a category for "church". Now, as a youth pastor, I can get down with how fun it'd be to have a popularity contest for churches. Oh wait...nope, not really. But I think it could be fun to thwart the flow of things.

According to last years' results, and probably previous years, one of the largest churches in the city has won this category. I know people who attend, and serve at this church, and I'd agree - it's a pretty great family of believers. And with one of the largest church rosters in the city, they'll probably continue winning this category. Apart from some church actually encouraging it's members to get out there and vote like crazy so they can conquer this crucial title. Either way, it'd be fine.

Thankfully, I doubt any churches or attenders hang their hat on their congregations ability to win in this category. I'd hope, at least.

So wouldn't it be fun to mess with statistics a bit? Many of the people in our community have either attended, or been involved with something called "The Great Banquet". It happens at WOODLAND CHAPEL. I say we get as many people as possible to vote for WOODLAND CHAPEL this year, and see if we can at least hit 3rd place.

Sure, for my 2 or 3 readers in Decatur who might do this, it might not do much good. But forward this to people you don't could spread like wildfire. Together, we can upset the fruit basket. :)

So here's the link. Go to Herald & Review's ONLINE BALLOT. Fill out whatever you want for the other choices (I recommend John's Barber Shop on Oakland, Macon Ice Cream, and MC Sports for some choices, if you need help). But be sure to fill out "WOODLAND CHAPEL" when it comes time to nominate your favorite church!!! PASS IT ON!!! :)

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ngerman said...

It's funny that you posted this today. On the way to Anderson this evening we stopped in some smaller town in "the middle of nowhere Indiana" that had a McDonald's. On display in McDonald's was a certificate that showed that hey had won honorable mention for best fast food restaurant in Montgomery County. Pretty sure there were only three fast food restaurants total. Something to be proud of!