Thursday, January 08, 2009

Day 3: Lunch with Micah

Like I said, "it'll get done". Spent most of the lunch time during day 3 pulling together my notes from the book of Micah, along with a couple other resources I found. We were supposed to begin our short oral reports late in the afternoon. I was gonna be ready.

I was ready.

I wasn't needed.

The lecture/discussion went up until class ended = presentation will be tomorrow. Which was totally fine, cause it was good stuff. Not like, buy this book and give it to all your friends stuff. But more like, this is great, but I'm glad I don't have to read a book that says this....kinda stuff.

I really enjoy our professor, and learning the historical context behind all the minor prophets has been very interesting. Not that anyone had ever purposefully hidden these things from fact, I took at least one Old Testament course in college. But still, much of this has been great learning, and encouragement to take it home with me into life and ministry settings.

So yeah...I'm totally ready for my Micah background presentation. Here are a few highlights, to whet your appetite. (cause I know if you're like me, your appetite for information on the minor prophets could use more whetting):

Micah - written between 722 and 701 B.C. He was from Moresheth, which is 25 miles SW of Jerusalem. He is warning both Israel AND Judah (but primarily Israel, the northern kingdom) that they are going to be punished for neglecting the poor.

For too long, people played religion well. They "know" God is with them, and they acknowledge Him, going through all the motions. Meanwhile, the poor are trampled on, and "love your neighbor" never quite happens. Micah proclaims that God is going to discipline them for this, etc.

Sound like an irrelevant, old testament, boring obscure message with no purpose in our context today?

Pssh. Look out religious pride.
Micah just opened a can of "thought you knew religion" on ya'.

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