Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 4: it can happen...

Last week Dr. Headley of Asbury Seminary gave a short devotional based on Peter's denial. It was a take I'd never heard before. It was a take that was hard, but appropriate, to hear.

It was that Peter's denial was not when he claimed not to know Christ. His real denial began earlier that chapter, when he denied TO Christ that he would ever deny him. He was denying his humanity. Denying his ability to fall. Denying his need for Christ.

How often in my own life, have I set myself up for that same denial? Coasted through waters, always assuming "hey, I'm in ministry"....or "I read the Bible, and go to Church, how would I ever screw up majorly?". But as the message of Dr. Headley, and God's own working on my heart stirred, I was forced to realize I'm capable, humanly speaking, of any crime committed by a person found behind bars these days. Or even those who should be behind bars.

With that knowledge, I'll confess it's been a rough week in some ways. When I've allowed God to confront me with that understanding, it begs the quesion - so what? How does this change how I live my life? And this week I have been given the answer. Holiness as sin-expelling love.

You see, because in the same way I must realize my humanity and capability to commit heinous crimes, I also recognize - as pointed out by Wesley - the Witness of the Spirit on my life. Romans 8:16 tells me that, "the Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit, that we are children of God..."

I am a child of God. The more I am filled by this/His Spirit/His Love, and fill my life with loves directed towards, and sourced in that.....look out. :) Am I humanly capable of horrible things? Yes. It's when I understand/confess that - that I'm completely honest with my need for what God has done/is doing. Am I even more so capable of reflecting the God who created me? YES! And He has claimed me as His own. To love.

He has claimed you also...child of God.

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