Monday, January 05, 2009

Day One: Invitation to Micah

So today was my journey to Indianapolis in "Hermes", my 1994 Saturn SL1. A few highlights from all that occurred today:

- Addie pooped (a great one) in the potty in time for me to get a picture, and send it to her proud uncles before leaving. They can thank me later.

- I forgot to plan ahead, and burn some cd's of sermons/speakers I enjoy, so I was forced to listen to local radio stations along the way. Turned out to be a treat. Caught some great mid-90's music on the journey to Indy. Including, but not limited to: Blues Traveler, 311, Sublime, Live, Hootie & and Blowfish (guilty), and yes - even a little from the Cranberries. (wonders why no one plays classic late-80's hip-hop anymore?)

- Hermes survived the entire trip on highway 36 (so I wouldn't have to go over 55mph) without having to stop due to a malfunction. This is awesome, due to his not leaving Decatur, IL since we arrived in 2005. It's kinda relaxing to drive 3 hours, without any desire to pass anyone or speed.

- I arrived with enough time to hang out with my brother, his fiancee, and her fam. a lil' before launching the week of classes. Rockin' out at the Groover's this week. So grateful for their hospitality while I'm in town, and it saves my church more than a few bucks.

- Found 3 Starbucks' and one Panera (top choice) between where I'm staying and where I'm taking classes.

- Realized that as much as I poke fun at it sometimes, God may actually have something to do with what class I take and when I take it. I'm looking forward to what this week of learning/Spiritual growth has to offer my ministry, my life, and my future for the Kingdom. I already enjoy/am encouraged by the emphasis on God's calling on us to be people of prophetic ministries. Not so much in the "Jonah going to Ninevah" sense, but in a very real "seeing and proclaiming what God sees/desires" sense.

- Upon the assigning of books for various things by our professor, Micah and I realized we'll be spending some very indepth time together. I'm looking forward to getting to know the man he was, the time he was, and the message God uses him to proclaim.

- Realizing I'm going to miss the 3 females I usually share the behind the scenes moments of life with very much. God be with them...:)

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