Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Day Two: Ignoring Micah

Whew. So it's the morning after the second day of J-Term. What to talk about? All the information that was packed into our heads concerning the minor prophets in general? (some pretty cool stuff all in all, usually overlooked) All of the instruction we're receiving in regards to preaching in our ministries? (extremely stoked about the new emphasis all of this offers) How about the few details of how to properly give a 3-5 minute devotional? (4 words that end in"-ook")

Maybe about how cool it is to hang with Free Methodist people in ministry from all over the United States? (even the one I see every day at home) Or how much I appreciate the freedom my wife is giving me this week, and feel semi-guilty each morning as I forgo sleeping in for a 6am run to whatever coffee shop is open, able to sit quietly with my laptop and/or a good book? (I would offer to let her do the same when this is all over, but I think she'd rather sleep in anyways)

How about how I've procrastinated on my research of a certain minor prophet whom I'm supposed to be knowing better these days? (no worries, it'll get done) How about missing my girls, and seeing them on Skype which gives Addison plenty of time to tell me how many times she's "gone yellow" that day. (congrats Addie!)

Nah. I don't think I have enough time to breach most of the topics listed above. If I'm feeling generous, maybe you'll hear a bit after day 3. Until then, just know that I'm enjoying this J-term stuff.

Rockin' the flops. Drinkin' coffee. Readin' like it's going out of style.
Sleeping with Brobee. Woot.

Side Note: Update from Decatur, IL - 5 names were removed from the ballots due to the ill-prepared paperwork (really dumb reason - both for happening, AND for being sued) Check out this article for the final names. Only two choices for Mayor. Maybe I WILL run someday. :)

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Sarah Anne said...

Day 2 of life at home w/ out daddy... Addie- no nap, Mommy- no nap and Sophie- a little nap. Adventures in parenting solo for 6 days... let's just say, I better get a nap soon!

love you and miss you!