Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Giving In...

So on Facebook, you may have noticed everyone and their mother telling the world "25 Random Things About Me". Along with it, they tag 25 people they "want to know more about". Apparently my Facebook friends don't know enough about me, cause I've been tagged a ridiculous amount of times. I normally abhor "forward" type surveys/etc. I still do. But in the interest of being able to honor these "requests for more information" if that's truly what they are, here are 25 random things about me, in no particular order. (and no, I won't "tag" 25 more people. That would only continue the madness. Just consider it a safe bet that I want to know more about you, and post your own random things.)

1. I love Jesus Christ, and am a new creation through Him.
2. I'm afraid of Trolls. Whether goofy or legitimately scary.
3. I tried to have a ponytail in high school, and it didn't work out so hot.
4. I once sang lead role in a Community Theater production of the Opera, "Amahl and the Night Visitors".
5. I'm a dedicated fan of the Detroit Red Wings.
6. My favorite hockey player currently is Brett Lebda.
7. Favorite all-time hockey player is Steve Yzerman.
8. I've appeared on, and kicked butt on, Wheel of Fortune.
9. I'm obsessive compulsive about where/how the cups go in our cupboard.
10. My favorite show to watch with my daughters is YO GABBA GABBA.
11. The best place to get chocolates for a special occasion is Jacques Torres.
12. I like to wear flip flops as much as possible. (and it IS possible whenever it's dry)
13. I'm very much a fan of GOOD hip-hop.
14. One of my favorite desserts is creme brulee.
15. The blacker the coffee, the better it tastes.
16. My wife is better/more beautiful than yours.
17. My kids are all smarter/cuter/all around better than yours.
18. I have to work purposefully on my humility.
19. You're probably a lot more interesting than I am in your 25 random things.
20. I'm okay with that.
21. I don't really like doing surveys like this.
22. I'd rather go out for coffee.
23. I'm laughing that you're still reading this.
24. I wonder sometimes what I should put as my final "random thing".
25. I think it'd be more fun to let you fill this one in - so leave it as a comment:


theorings said...

Hey; too many pictures of toilets and stuff, not enough pictures of your cutest best kids,,, love , grandma/grandpa Oring

Darin and Cassie said...

You didn't even mention Cheez-its?