Thursday, January 22, 2009

J-Term Sermon

So I totally back-dated this, cause it's not intended for general audiences. It was praught for a J-Term course on the Minor Prophets, and I couldn't figure out how to e-mail the large MP3 format, but I knew I could throw it online.

If you hear it, and have advice/contributions to improve my public speaking or to correct any info found therein - I hesitantly invite it. :)

However, if you hear it, and God uses it to speak to you - then I'm glad I did it.

I know - it's too long. And too quiet. You gotta turn your speakers/headphones up really loud. Or you can try it here on my friends' server. Enjoy. :)


Audio of the SNL Skit provided by, Saturday Night Live, and NBC. Not sure about legal issues, other than I was able to get the clip simply by using a link offered on the website intended for me to share it with others. So I did. :)

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