Sunday, January 11, 2009


Something that caught my eye as being very appropriate, considering the topics I've blogged on this week. A recent post from the "Jubilee USA" people, here are some quotes:

"We have this challenge and opportunity," Watkins said. "In a time of scarcity when the budget is going to be directed to U.S. human needs we need to help leaders remember that we also have to think about those in the rest of the world."

"Relief for storm-weary Haiti is one Jubilee USA's biggest concerns. Despite being hit by a succession of hurricanes that led to devastating floods during the summer of 2008, Haiti continues making weekly $1 million payments to the World Bank. Jubilee USA plans to push Obama during his first 100 days in the White House to ask the World Bank to cancel the Caribbean country's payments, Watkins said."

"When countries have to pay back the debt, then what falls aside is the education, the medical help, family care," Sister Josie said. "The country cannot take care of their people when they have to pay back the debt. Everything they have, and everything they don't have, goes into paying the debt and as a result they have nothing to move their infrastructure forward."

May God bless these efforts towards His Kingdom....

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