Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Legal to show Superbowl at Church?

"Have you heard it's illegal to show the Superbowl in churches?"

"I guess we'll just have to cancel this year."

"I think we're still gonna show it, and just hope nothing bad happens."

Just in case you've heard rumors one direction or another, or were simply going to show it anyways, figuring "the Man" doesn't care what goes on in podunk cities. Here's a quick video that recaps law changes made from 2009 going forward. Worth a watch, whether you're in ministry or connected to a ministry that is thinking of having a party this year....

Now, for the debates about commercial filtering, and what to do during the halftime show - I'll leave that up to people who care more than I do. I think the commercials are usually more entertaining than the game, and the halftime show is a great time to casually sit around socializing with the people around you - with decent background music.

For halftime? I know it's popular to show some sort of athlete who's life was transformed by Jesus Christ, as long as it fits in the halftime slot, combined with a quick altar call, and then back to the game. Personally - I think that's a bit silly. But I'm sure people have been transformed by such an experience, so I can't completely discount it.

For commercials, etc? I agree, some of the commercials, halftime shows, and even cheerleaders during the game - can be a bit risque to flash up on a giant screen in front of people who have committed to reducing that type of presence in their lives. Might as well just watch Yo Gabba Gabba and call it even.

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