Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama: Because everyone else said something...

So Tuesday when everyone was watching, we were watching also. Addie would run up to the television screen every time Obama was on, and point and say "Presdent Obama!!" ( "i" missing on purpose). It was a pretty cool moment, especially realizing he will probably be President throughout her childhood if he goes two terms, which seems to be the trend. She will grow up to the age of 10, watching this man lead our country - for better or for worse.

Is he perfect? No. Will we still have hardships as a country and as a world? Yes. But still, I admit I've bought into the excitement a bit. I can't pinpoint the source of the excitement, but I think my friend Jake, and his friend have hit on some major points - so I'll just give a nod in their direction.

I think the Church can and must become an active player in addressing many of the issues we hope government will get involved in. As jobs are lost, money is thin, and most are too proud to admit their needs - within the context of a Church community we have the ability to be vulnerable to each other, and to help meet needs as each is able. Everyone needs that, whether they will admit it or not.

As we watch Obama during his "First 100 Days" (not sure why that is such an important amount of time, CNN?) let us not put so much hope in one man that we forget this is about ALL OF US. May we all find work we can be doing, to serve the poor, love the marginalized, and live lives of vulnerable community with one another. May God continue to be with us...

May we continue to pray for our leaders, especially during these first days where so much is on his plate. God be with Obama. Help him to President wisely, and with compassion. May we follow when it is right to follow. May we challenge our leadership when it is right to challenge.

May we live as individuals born of, and for, the Kingdom of God. Not of golden palaces and "chosen people", but of love/forgiveness and by grace - for all. (no worries, not Universalism, but I still believe God's plan is offered to involve all. More on Universalism tomorrow...)

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