Monday, January 12, 2009


This week will be a bit different/ableit similar concepts as last week. Last week was focused on the Minor Prophets, and the calling of "living/ministering/preaching prophetically" in the world. This week will focus on a more recent prophet, John Wesley, and what his journey with God has revealed to those of us who follow; as well as the prophetic calling he praught to those who would come after.

I remember growing up in my Wesle-Bapti-Non-denom-Metho-Nazarene days. I grew up in a church-going home, so obviously heard of such things as "salvation" (i.e. Jesus coming into my heart, etc.). Even in my teenage years, when I recognized a call on my life to ministry, I continued to learn more about the character/nature of God and His creation.

But I'll confess that it wasn't until college, when I heard much of anything (that I paid attention to - sorry to those ministers who shouted sanctification over my head) about this "2nd work of Grace". Even then, with professors both whole-heartedly for a word-for-word definition, and some who were shaky on what it even meant, or what words to use; I saw this bit of theology as something to investigate, appreciate as a continuing transformation of God (how bad could God doing MORE work be? even if painful. ).

It's been an exciting journey, one that has found me appreciating it anew within the context of my new Free Methodist family. Here I have found a grace, and yet an intensely purifying fire, wrapped up in discussion/preaching of sanctification; that before was simply a phrase or a sentence used to prove that one had even heard of it all.

All that to say, even after finishing the reading for this week (whew), I'm looking forward to how God works on my wife (haha, yes Mrs. A, I meant "life" here...oops), and reveals Himself in the days to come. Feel free to ignore my blog until next Monday, when I'll probably post more about hockey or other "fun" stuffs. :) Until then, it'll just be updates on all this Wesley-Holiness-Sanctification hullabaloo most likely.

Oh, and missing my wife and daughters. :)

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Sarah Anne said...

Did you mean to say... "I'll be looking forward to how God works on my life?" (instead of wife?)


love you