Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the triumph of estrogen...

As if taking over things back in the Garden wasn't enough.

Now they're taking over my home. :)

All humor aside, this is the official announcement you've all been waiting for. Circa June 11th, 2009, our 3rd child - Ruby Anne Anderson - will be welcomed into this world.

Yup, another girl. 3 Girls. One wife. One me. Go ahead, make your jokes. Are we sure? Well, the same guy did the ultrasound on our first 2 girls, and he was right both times. So yeah, we're pretty sure.

I still love it. Can't wait for all that lies ahead. I know - it's going to be one expensive teenage girl festival in our house someday. And eventually weddings (unless one or more of them join a convent - I'll have to look around for a nice one). But even with all of that - I can't help but be incredibly excited about the family we're growing here. Yes they're girls, but they're MY (our) girls. I love them.

Does that mean I'll never be able to take one of my children back and forth to hockey practice, and cheer them on as they score the winning goal, or land one awesome penalty on the jerk from the other team? Probably. (not definitely, girls can totally play hockey if they really want to) But even so, I'll have 3 FANS to sit with me at any game we wanna go to, and shout obscenities at the opposition. (Christian obscenities of course - "you stink like sin!!", etc.)

Ruby Anne - looking forward to your arrival. We've prepared a place for you, and heck - it's already filled with princesses, ponies, and Dora. Lord be with our daughter as she continues to prepare for the world ahead....


Verna said...

I wasn't thinking of the festivals you would have. I was thinking how about when they are all PMS'ing at once. Will you be able to stay sane? :)

pastorwick said...

haha...I actually hadn't thought about that happening. Thanks. :)

I suppose that's why I have a basement with a couch.