Saturday, January 17, 2009


(not the kind of "whew" where you feel like you've dodged a large bullet, but rather a "whew" of man that was pretty awesome and I'm overjoyed/crushed that it's over)

It's been a great time of learning and growth. For those of you who have continued to read my blog, congratulations. Your faithfulness has brought you far. For those who have been waiting patiently for me to get over all this Minor Prophet/Wesley nonsense, your time has come. I can't promise not to mention them in the future, but at least for present blog posts, beginning tomorrow you should expect to see more of the day to day musings and ramblings of a youth pastor/father/husband/Child of God/etc. :)

I want to give a shout out to my homies at the Groover house, for being such AWESOME hosts. Even though I couldn't party with them regularly like I would have wanted to, I know that at the drop of a hat, a party could have happened. At any moment, I could have put down the books, or closed the laptop. I could have climbed up those stairs. I would say "lets party" to whoever of the family was socializing in their main living area. The music would begin, and we'd boogie to whatever musical show they'd recently DVR'd. They are, after all, the GROOVERS. :)

Instead, I'm guessing I was a rather boring houseguest. A bookworm, a computer-worm, or an "out with the guys" worm on occasion. Thanks Groovers, for letting me find refuge in your was perfect.

I also want to make a suggestion based on a week of careful research. If you happen to find yourself in a distant city, without your usual selection of music to abuse and burn through like you deserve something better. If you find yourself with only 3 cd's with which to fill the silence of a week's worth of driving. If this is ever you, I recommend keeping a musical instrument in your car. Something that can be held in one hand, preferably. If it has a "key", you should probably make it something generic like "G", or "C" or something musically practical like that.

Examples include, but are not limited to: Harmonica, Egg Shaker, Tambourine, Recorder (without much demand for notes), kazoo (for those less inclined to actually be musical), etc.

I have had with me, my Hohner Harmonica (key of C). It's been interesting to see which Jack Johnson songs really should have had a harmonica in them, and which ones a harmonica shows up like Spongebob on Yo Gabba Gabba (unwelcome). Sure, you get a few strange looks, but you learn to get over those (as if you haven't already). It makes any cd you've heard a thousand times, a brand new opportunity at being musically entertained, AND this time you're a part of the action.

That's my major contribution to humanity for the day. (my fortune cookie told me I, in fact, DO contribute positively to all humanity, so back off) After many days of study and all the writing I involved myself in last feels good to simply spew thoughts out there.

Thanks for playing.

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