Thursday, February 12, 2009

end of the world as we know it...

..and I feel fine. Sorry, had to be said.

So anyways, here's some news that may make you think the end of the world is near:

I'm joining a gym.

More accurately, the Anderson family are becoming members of the local YMCA. We got approved of a scholarship that helps out quite a bit, and with my wife's urging (she's the healthy one), we've decided to give it a shot. This morning we officially went to get signed up.

It was interesting. Maybe a little exciting. Not so much that I'm stoked to jump on a treadmill, or figure out how many reps/sets of 5 pound weights a man as out of shape as I am should do....but rather, there's much more about the YMCA than I realized.

For one - whenever Sarah or I go to the YMCA, we can drop off both girls at their secure/safe nursery area for 2 hours. Shoot yo, it's just about worth it right there even if I just sit in the lounge area sipping horrible coffee and reading a book. But I'll probably do more.

Today, I signed up Addie and I for swim lessons for her, that we'll take during mommy's pre-natal class. I also could see myself swimming laps sometime - at least a lot more probable than me going to use weight machines. But you never know. Maybe someday I'll be able to tell you how many reps/sets I do on a weekly basis. Ha. :)

It was funny to take the tour, and go into the room where everyone is using the weight machines. There's a certain "I've just lifted weights" facial expression that just about every man in that room had. Take a second, and imagine it.....yup, that's the one. Seems you have to show that facial expression, and the better you are at showing it, the better you've just worked out. :)

If you ever see me make that face, throw a cold wet towel at me and laugh. Please. :)

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