Monday, February 23, 2009

fire retardant

So I finally watched the movie recommended by some, warned against by others, made fun of by me up to this point simply for having Kirk Cameron in it: Fireproof

Wow. This was really in theaters?

Problems on many levels. I'll leave the movie critiquing for others. Bad acting, writing, lines, characters, scenes, etc. But that much is obvious.

So let's focus on why Christians would be motivated to mass-market a movie like this in main-stream theaters? It definitely doesn't do anything positive in regards to convincing the world we Jesus-followers can make a decent movie. So why, then?

1. To watch in Sunday School - maybe. There are some good reminders that love is purposeful, takes work, and Marriage is a covenant, not a contract. I can get down with those messages, although I'd rather just have those statements made, and study scripture and real life stories.

2. To watch as a married couple - eh, maybe. Reminds me to do something nice for my wife once in a while, because my heart is in it. Made us feel like we have great communication skills, especially in the beginning where even the slightest thing set them both off. Ridiculous. Though I'd still rather simply talk about these concepts directly, without watching a painful acting job.

3. To save a marriage in trouble - hah....not likely. Remember the guy Kirk Cameron was playing in the beginning of the movie? Do you think his character would have said, "Hmm...Fireproof...maybe my wife and I should watch that together cause ____ recommended it would help our relationship." I think a marriage in trouble is where accountability and a supportive connected community seeking Christ together comes in....not a movie.

4. To make money off Christian culture and offer Christians who would otherwise have to help people they love through rough times an easy out - it works. "Oh, you're having problems in your marriage? Here, I bought this movie for you. it with your wife. I'm praying for you. (Oh, the movie didn't work? Well, they sell the book from the movie in Christian book stores....why not give that a try?)

My recommendation: Save your time/money. Read 1 Corinthians 13 together, and go out to TGIFriday's for a Chocolate Brownie Obsession, and follow God from there.

NOTE: Sorry to anyone who loved the movie, or had a transformational experience from it. I'm sure God can use anything - He's God. :) I'm sure you'd hate some of the stuff He's used in my life. :)

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Monogenes said...

If the movie and the book don't work, I know there's a VIDEO-conference coming to our church called "Fireproof My Marriage" that only costs a substantial amount of money to watch on a video screen :). Silly. I agree, the bible and a night out would work wonders in relational maintenance compared to some of this bull-honkey.