Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lent as invitational humility...

Maybe you've run into someone in the midst of a public sacrifice. Someone who announces without prompting how difficult these 40 days are going to be, because they're already missing ________ so much. (they've given it up for Lent, after all).

Maybe you've run into someone who thinks the Lent tradition is old school. It's too "Catholic" (the branch of Christianity, not "world-wide"). Cutting edge post-post-moderns can do just fine without these types of traditions thank you very much.

Or maybe someone in the middle. Some cloistered monk of a soul who thinks people should celebrate Lent, but only privately; hiding any sign of sacrifice or self-denial at all. They make fun of the 13 year olds who dramatically give up caffeinated beverages or boy bands or chocolate, etc...and thank God they've "matured" to the point where they can do the whole thing privately, like any good Christian should.

I'm not a fan of any of these, but at the same time, I recognize especially during this Lent season - my own humanity leads me towards celebrating even a holy season like this with fallen motives.

The Truth stands, however, that no matter where we stand during these 40 days, we all stand in need of God. We look forward to the Celebration of Easter together, all on the same ground, eager for Jesus Christ and the work accomplished / being accomplished in Him.

We are invited during this season to purposefully remember. To remember both as individuals and as a community. To recognize our place before God. To recognize our oneness with each other. To recognize a beautiful tension of finding ourselves as sinners transformed as saints. To give of ourselves in a way that leads to a life deepened in relation to God and others.

To stop writing such hippy-ish sounding blogs. :)

It all seemed so much simpler on the felt-boards...

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