Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lent Preparations...

It's going to be a busy Monday/Tuesday for me, so I figured I would be pro-active in reminding you that this week begins the season of Lent for the Church. During this time (check last year's post), we recognize our humanity and need for something "other". We look forward to the work accomplished in the sacrificial death, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The 40 day season begins this Wednesday with "Ash Wednesday". Traditionally, during the Lent season we "give something up", or live sacrificially in some new way. This can be only for the 40 days (like giving up TV or something), or can be used as a jumpstart to a new lifestyle (giving up smoking, etc.). We want to change our life in some way that makes us daily remember what we are doing, and allows God more space in our lives than usual.

The past couple years I've given up fiction books. I spend a lot of time reading, both fiction and non-fiction. But my wife and I have just decided to read a specific fiction book together, and I'm kinda excited about that; so I have to find something else. This morning I think I found it.

For Lent 2009, I'm going to give up being socially appropriate.

Not so much that I'm going to begin farting at the dinner table, and cussing to children. But in regards to my faith, and excitement for the Kingdom. I'm going to be more purposeful about speaking the Hope and Life that make me the person that I am. It may come as a surprise to you, but even as a youth pastor, I'm trained by life to speak about Jesus when I preach, or when I talk with Church people during church functions. But on a regular basis, it doesn't come natural to me, for whatever reason.

So for the next 40 days, I will experiment with being more open with what God has done/is doing in my life as I go through my day.

And to make the celebration of Easter exciting to my stomach (and Fat Tuesday this week), perhaps I'll find some sort of edible item I enjoy to give up also.

What are your lent plans?

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