Friday, February 20, 2009

My meal planning wife...

Bubble pizza. Something I never knew existed until I married my wife and we began sharing regular meal-times together. Meal times that I had hardly even thought about, although if you would have asked me I would have said, "why yes, I do plan on eating daily for the rest of my life, as much as possible."

I joke sometimes with her that I would have married her simply for the existence of Bubble Pizza in my life.

But seriously, I love that my wife has gotten into meal planning...and I recommend anyone check out the website , , she and her room mates from college have created. It says "mommies", but I say anyone who eats, who doesn't wanna think much about it - and yet wants to eat well and spend less - check the site out.

The fact that she puts time/energy/love into it, most of the recipes actually pass my taste testing (and I'm picky), and it has saved us a stink load of money over the past year - it wins my award for best blog of it's kind. :)

Without her thinking ahead, I'd probably end up with a lot of burgers and frozen pizza. Maybe after a long time, I'd get creative and make a sandwich. Not to say I can't cook - once in a while she may even inspire me off my lazy frozen pizza lovin' butt to help make a meal.

Anywho....I think I've sold enough. But seriously, check the blog. Tell your friends. And your friends' friends. And their parents. And those parents' friends. And those friends' pets.

Read it, subscribe to it, glean from it. Saves money, time, and frustration of not knowing what to make for dinner, when you know you should make something better for yourself than another grilled cheese, but aren't quite sure what/how to decide.

Eat well.

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