Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"People Who Drink Alcohol Are Stupid"

Subtitled: "How NOT to talk about your faith."

So this past Monday I'm in Greenville, IL. A city that has been dry (alcoholically) for a long time. When in line to pay for my gas, I hear the cashier tell the man in front of me in an excited tone, exactly when they will begin selling alcohol. His response?

"I'm not excited. You think I'm excited? Tell me one good thing that's EVER happened because of alcohol."

She just kinda stared at him in disbelief, finally responding: "Um, I'll get paid?"

It was tempting to join the conversation, but as he continued to rant and throw his nose in the air (with just enough religious elitism to make you throw up a bit), it was obvious there would be no reasoning. What did I want to say?:

"Um, how about historical data that shows many people stayed alive by killing bacteria using beer/wine? How about every professional sport you enjoy watching, and probably many other aspects of our lives that are funded in large ways by alcohol profits? How about recognizing that alcohol as a product is not where the problem solely lies?"

I think most alcohol that I've ever tried tastes gross. I do think it should be less available. As a Free Methodist, I've committed to a lifestyle that is free from it. But I also recognize that yelling at a gas station cashier didn't look a lot like Jesus.

As he walks out, and I hand the cashier my card she says, "*&$, wonder what his problem is?"

My response: "God knows."

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Monogenes said...

You could say, about Jesus' 1st miracle? Turning water into wine to help save the wedding reception? You could always just suggest reading John chapter 2, and then let him know that this helped the disciples have more faith in Jesus. I guess alcohol has helped in some instances in the past.