Monday, February 09, 2009

Prophecy Today

I believe he's right, but I also believe he's got some things horribly wrong. Unfortunately there are many who listen to the most attractive voice, or in this case - one of the few voices willing to speak. What will happen as people like THIS become more and more vocal, and the actual teachings of Jesus Christ, and the words from the Bible are misunderstood/skewed to say other things?

I agree with a few things: The scriptures of the Old and New Testament are incredibly important. They talk about things that have happened, things happening currently, and point towards things yet to come. They reveal Jesus Christ, and God's plan to redeem humanity and make all things new. They offer the good news that is for all people.

So what don't I agree with? Well, for one, his need to pepper random scriptures throughout his "newsletter" in order to "prove" what he's talking about. Not much apparent regard for context, or the purpose of the scriptures he's using. He views every single scripture through the lens of a "rapture/tribulation theology" that comes from a late 1800's dispensation theology, and it distorts how he views those scriptures AND today's events.

Are we in need of a Savior? Yes. Are we waiting for God to complete the work He began in Jesus Christ? Definitely. But that's where the problem arises. Dispensationalists (rapture theology, those looking for THE Antichrist, and watching for a 7 year "tribulation") believe that Daniel chapter 9 lays out a perfect time table for the last years of existence. They believe that God put his plan for Israel/the world on "pause" because Jesus Christ was crucified. (for more information on what Daniel 9 actually talks about - check out the history of the four powerful Kingdoms in Daniel - Babylonian Empire, Median Empire, Persian Empire, and Alexander the Great.)

I don't believe, and don't see anywhere in scripture that talks about Jesus Christ being the "pause" of God's work. Pretty much everything about Jesus Christ's death AND resurrection say "LOOK, MY KINGDOM IS AND IS TO COME!!!" (from God)

May we continue to proclaim the existence of the Kingdom of God, and His Love and Life NOW for all humanity...and point towards the completion of what has begun. Not out of fear and hope of being sucked out of this world before it all burns up. But out of excitement and expectation for how God will transform this world - knowing He has already begun. :)

(for more solid information on these topics, check out "Answers for Chicken Little" by Dan Boone for an appetizer, the Bible for the main course, and "In God's Time" by Craig C. Hill for dessert.)

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