Friday, February 13, 2009

who am I?

6am - it begins again, the day of a man
not just a man, cause there's more that I am
a husband, father, brother, son, and friend
youth pastor, wanna be somebody, wanna drive faster
moving forward, drawn forward, new creation type living
and those are just titles, those are just the beginning.

to see who I am, live a day right beside me
you'll see I'm not always the man the titles implying
reflecting the creator doesn't happen casually
purposeful breathing, frustrating, but spiritually
transformed from the dust, and death that comes with it
not timid, not fear and slavery, but a whole different spirit
a Spirit of Life, and that means life eternal, I'm
not waiting for heaven, some golden pie in the sky
living life wholly open, consumed by a force
dying to self, taken on a whole different course
guided by life, by Love, by His word
but to say I've achieved it, that I'm done, that's absurd.

So I offer these titles, that say who I am to the world
for God to transform,
morph, guide, break, and remake
Use each facet as a new way - of making me new today.

And He is. Making ALL things new. This includes you.
But for me? What am I wanting to be?

A husband that lifts his wife to Your throne.
A father who knows he can't do it alone.
A brother who knows what Family's about.
A son of a Father, whose love I won't doubt.
A friend who would give of himself for another.
A youth pastor who with the heart of God suffers.

the day will come to its close, around 10 or eleven
I know that some out there are waiting for Heaven
Me, I'll be waiting for that next 6am
When I can wake up, and do it all over again...

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