Friday, February 06, 2009

yuck. (warning: I say "puke" a few times)

The basic time-line: Sophie pukes around midnight Sunday Night, after one of our busiest days ever. Continues to throughout some of Monday, then it goes away. We sigh, thankful to have it over.(from the top half) Tuesday at lunch I even post a video to show how awesome our girls are. Then Tuesday night, it begins.

Addie pukes. Sophie begins puking again. The night progresses like this. I post a funny comment on Facebook asking who will get sick next, me or Sarah? The comment becomes less funny around 4am. We both feel sick. Hours later, I'm almost passed out on the floor, while Sarah's trying to care for both girls and herself. (I can't puke, so my body freaks when I have to) My awesome brother-in-law takes me to the ER, so Sarah doesn't have to worry about me.

I get checked in, checked out, and released by 11:30am...all drugged up. Sarah is on her way to the hospital with Sophie - dehydrated from 3 days of losing fluids. I go home to take care of Addie as best as a drugged up daddy can. Thankfully, Sarah has maternal immunity in cases like this - a superhero power only earned by actually giving birth, so I'll let her keep it.

Wednesday blurs into thursday. Final puke from Addie at 10am. Sophie and mommy come home from the hospital. We launder the casualties, and put the girls to bed eventually. It seems to have passed. Literally.

A few things I've learned:

1. Drinking the Sobe labeled "Immunity" does not, like the video gamer in me hoped, mean I will not get sick.

2. If Phenergen is a lie, then Zofran is the truth. Both are fantastic (one to relax you, one to take away nausea specifically). But both make it hard to help your 2 year old when she's sick.

3. A 2 year old might think the bowl actually MAKES her puke, and she'll kick it across the room, and throw up in your lap instead.

4. Addie really can watch "Cinderella" a thousand times, and still enjoy it.

5. We have some pretty awesome family/friends/volunteers who took care of us, and ran Youth Group for me Wednesday evening. Thanks everyone.

6. My wife literally has some sort of maternal 6th sense and immunity going on. She knew Sophie was about to puke Sunday night, and woke to get her at the same time it began.

7. I do not want anyone in my house to get sick for a very very long time. Amen.

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