Sunday, March 22, 2009


I remember one Sunday morning, we were loaded into the car. My older brother was driving, I was on the passenger side, and our 3 younger sibs all in the back seat. We were all dressed up either from or for church that day. Driving on a good sized highway, 2 lanes going the same direction.

We saw a truck crossing the highway, who stopped between the opposing sides at a stop sign like you would expect. Didn't think much of it really. Until, we we approached that intersection, when it was too late to stop (again, we were on a highway), for some reason he pulled right out in front of us. My brother swerved to try and avoid/soften the impact, but there wasn't anything he could have done....we smashed into the truck, and in an instant many things happened. Everything went blank.

Seconds later, we were collecting ourselves. Obviously our main concern were our three youngest siblings in the back seat. Through the smoke, and the smell of the airbags, we turned to see 3 uninjured, but clearly shaken, younger family members. Not having been in an accident before, but seeing them in movies - we knew the car was about to explode. :) So we hurried to get everyone out, and by that time were instructed by the local neighbors to sit on the grass nearby. A bloody nose on our driver seemed the worst of the injuries. Whew. Brush some dust off my shirt. That's when I noticed it.

My pointer finger was bending in a different direction than all the other fingers. Midway up, where the big knuckle usually allows it to bend forward, it was branching out sideways. I felt no pain, so I was kinda amused by the fact that I could still bend it, even with the odd direction. Then the adrenaline faded, and pain hit like no other. Oh man, the pain of a day filled with straightening one simple finger. I was on meds for Epilepsy at the time, and they didn't know what medication would cause a seizure, so pain medication was off limits for now. I get a shiver just remembering.

I'm thankful the extent of our injuries were very minor compared to what could have happened. I know that not everyone makes it out of something like that unscathed. As we continue towards Easter, I remember that I am fragile. My body is made up of blood and bones. I look forward to the physical bodies that are brought to live by Christ in the new creation...

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